Recent years have seen a rapid adoption of RFID across a number of industries. Adoption of RFID is driven by the specific needs of particular markets and industries and a much wider understanding today of how those industries can benefit from the technology. These benefits typically include supply chain integrity, operational improvements, optimised asset flow, anti-fraud and authentication requirements as well as safety and security related considerations. Confidex works closely with lead companies in its target markets and actively participates in standardization and industry interest groups to further drive the adoption of new RFID technologies.

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The benefits of RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to technologies that use electromagnetic field or radio waves to automatically identify people and objects. RFID has several technical benefits, for instance reading the tag without a line of sight to it. The technical advantages create the basis for real business benefits. RFID delivers improved ease of use, security and reliability, and can increase the efficiency of processes and save money.

RFID technology has become a part of everyday life for most of us. It is widely used in access control for buildings, biometric passports and public transportation. It has also become a vital part of supply chain management - both in retail and manufacturing - improving delivery capabilities and traceability of items.

"Adoption of contactless ticketing has been growing rapidly, as the benefits for public transport operators can be measured by smooth commuting and reduced maintenance costs. The emergence of NFC has made mobile phones a new payment option. This will further increase the value of contactless infrastructure and grow the market for all kinds of contactless fare payment media“.

“Confidex tags combine high mechanical quality with solid and consistent RF performance, along with features requested by our customers. Together with our technology partners we build value-adding and customized solutions for ticketing, transportation, manufacturing and logistics.”

Timo Lindström
CEO of Confidex