Confidex offers a complete RFID tag portfolio for the needs of automotive industry. The tags are capable of withstanding high temperatures and harsh conditions throughout the car production process. With the help of Confidex RFID tags car manufacturers are able to track their production assets all the way from the welding and paint shop to the point of final assembly.

In addition to improved control of materials in production, RFID solutions can be used for streamlining inbound logistics and tracking the distribution of finished vehicles. Today, Confidex tags are being used for identifying totally several millions of various assets: returnable transit items (RTI's), prototype parts, car bodies and finished cars in distribution.


Parts management. RFID-enabled parts and components make the tracking and inventory of parts automatic and error-free. By this way, the exact data of part’s type, quality and production information is available real-time and it can be further used in JIS and pull production.

Inbound logistics. RFID assisted asset tracking provides accurate and real-time visibility of the supply chain and eliminates lost or misplaced RTIs, components or parts.

Production control. Control complex product mix and manage customized parts by identifying, tracking and tracing the key items in the process flow. Includes Kanban applications, raw material wagon & bogie tracking, car body WIP management and tool tracking.

Car distribution. RFID tags simplify outbound logistics and distribution of finished cars by helping you to locate the right vehicle while in transit or in stock. Tagging key components, chassis or tires will help reducing thefts.

Selected references: Volvo CarsPorsche

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