RFID technology brings many benefits to parts and component tracking when compared to the traditional barcode identification. For example many of the labor intensive inventory audits can be automated – saving time and costs. RFID can link together all part-related data, such as type, quality, production information, and this data is real-time available. RFID-enabled parts and components make the tracking automatic and error-free. By this way, the exact data is available real-time during shipping of parts, inbound logistics at OEM as well as in JIS and pull production.

In addition to product authentication and tracking, RFID brings efficiency and visibility at several parts of the manufacturing processes and supply chain.

Wide variety of parts and components

The complex variety of different parts and components mean that there is no single RFID tag and label solution covering all of the needs. We at Confidex are used to specify and find the most optimum RFID tag and label solution for RFID tagging parts and components.

  • Wide portfolio of RFID tags and labels for various materials and shapes
  • Products ready-to-be used: besides the actual RFID tag and label, Confidex provides various types of personalization including encoding, printing, laser marking. We also can provide logfiles of the used data.
  • Delivery capability in both sample and volume quantities
  • Quality in everything we do: ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified
  • Global operation and network
  • Data standard compliancy: VDA, Odette, AIAG
  • Customised RFID tag and label design capabilities

Together with our global system integrator partners, we are used to find the optimum RFID tag and label solution for various types of parts management needs.

Selected references: Volvo CarsPorsche

Confidex RFID Products for Automotive

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