Train asset tracking

Smart solutions for efficient fleet management and automated maintenance processes

RFID system provides effective and fully automated tracking for locomotives, railroad cars, coaches and wagons. Detecting vehicle position, direction and side indicator is a must for safety reasons but it also gives logistical benefits in many locations.

Railway operator’s maintenance, repair and overhaul program for rolling and fixed stock includes numerous assets of which many are critical for smooth operations. RFID gives identity to each critical component and identification is a key to have reliable maintenance record and plan for each specific item. RFID identification is effortless and items can be identified even on-fly for example at rolling stock trackside diagnostic stations.


  • Additional security and increased visibility of assets.
  • Optimized utilization and timely maintenance of locomotives or train wagons.

Solutions for rail asset tracking

  • Passenger train, freight wagon and locomotive identification along the tracks and in terminals.
  • Train composition management.
  • Railcar health tracking and streamlined processes for wagon inspection and repair.

Products suitable for rail asset tracking

  • Confidex Ironside product family
  • Confidex Survivor products