Confidex car distribution label

Confidex Car Distribution Label™

In the last phase of car manufacturing chain the cars are being transported to various dealers and locations. RFID system makes it possible to automate the car distribution process from the car final assembly until it arrives at the dealer.

Confidex Car Distribution Label™ is an UHF RFID label designed to be attached to car window and used in existing automated applicator and RFID printer setups. Label's materials ensure durability in varying weather conditions but also ensures clean removal when needed - label's adhesive leaves no residuals on the car window after it's removed. Confidex Car Distribution Label™ is readable with gate reader setups and can be encoded and printed on site with vehicle identification number, car manufacturing and distribution details.

Confidex Car Distribution Label™ is available on project basis. For exact specifications, samples and quotations, please contact Confidex Sales.

Applicable industries:

  • Automotive
Confidex Car Distribution Label™

Personalization options

  • Encoding
  • Printing

Confidex Car Distribution Label™

Product details

Product Category



UHF (C1G2)




144 x 120 mm
5,67 x 4,72 in


240bit EPC + 512bit

Read range

up to 6 m
20 ft


-20°C to +80°C
-4°F to 176°F

IP class